The team behind GAIA

GAIA represents the buy-side investor to generate inflation-linked returns, while empowering the institutional investor with a unique skill set.

Unique skill set

  • Technical and engineering;
  • Project finance;
  • Deal flow;
  • Capital markets;
  • Financial product development;
  • Retirement fund industry; and
  • Governance in listed environments.

Board & Executives

  • Mich Nieuwoudt
  • Botha Schabort
  • Leon de Wit
  • Clive Ferreira

Chief Investment Officer

Mich Nieuwoudt, B.Eng (Electronic); Honours Business & Business Administration; Master of Business Administration

Mich has a rich and storied background, he has international experience in the information technology industry and worked in the petrochemical, defence and investment banking industries in South Africa.

Mich was involved in the Eden Island Project and mining operations in West Africa, before moving on to focus on renewable energy as part of the founding team of SAGIT Energy Ventures. As Managing Director of SAGIT he was part of the founding team in the ongoing development of two Onshore Wind projects. As part of the founding team at GAIA, he was instrumental in securing GAIA's first transactions and is now responsible for the expansion of the operations of GAIA Infrastructure Partners and GAIA Fund Managers and the implementation of various transactions.

Senior analyst

Kasper van Rooyen, B.Eng (Industrial), B.Comm (Hon)

As senior analyst, Kasper has assisted the GAIA Investment Partners team to successfully deploy more than R1.3b into Renewable Energy Assets in South Africa. Kasper's multi-disciplinary education and experience brings a unique perspective to the team. During his studies he produced a thesis on developing Supply Chain Performance Metrics and a dissertation on new valuation techniques for Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers.
Prior to joining GAIA, Kasper worked to develop a number of Renewable Energy projects as part of the team at SAGIT Energy Ventures. During this time he was already working alongside GAIA Infrastructure Partners to assist them to secure and develop renewable energy asset investments.

Kasper is also an accomplished entrepreneur, having previously founded Radix Import and Export (Pty) Ltd, Kasper, successfully launching the Oh So heavenly brand to Saudi Arabia.