GAIA’s investment process

Our in-house multi-disciplined team has aligned its core strengths with prevailing investor requirements.

These strengths include:

  • Strong, sustainable infrastructure deal flow origination;
  • Dynamic, effective implementation processes;
  • Prudent, transparent investment management systems; and
  • Optimal investment risk diversification through tradable investments with practical exit strategies

Gaia strengths

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The correct investment structure will drive growth. Therefore, our goal is to advance from unlisted mandates into a JSE-listed YieldCo portfolio structure, where investors can opt to take money or listed paper. Based on investor preference, GAIA offers two investment channels: equity or debt investment instruments.


In sourcing and executing investment opportunities, GAIA follows a transparent, disciplined, holistic, and responsible investment process. The process is explicit in its structure and requirements to ensure prudent investment protocol. It has four steps:

Gaia protocol

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Due diligence

Infrastructure project is simply a cash flow-generating entity, however, there is a host of financial and contractual commitments to be met before shareholders see distributions. For this reason, we follow a rigorous due diligence process to ensure prudent investment.

Gaia investment criteria

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GAIA provides a sustainable channel for institutional investors to gain exposure to infrastructure investment opportunities.

GAIA is also strategically positioned within the private equity ecosystem, allowing the firm to serve as an exit partner of choice. Our view is that the initial developers of infrastructure projects, who lack the appetite to hold assets long-term, will battle to find exit avenues – hence our unique value proposition for infrastructure offerings.

The 3 pillars of our strategy

  1. GAIA prioritises investment in low risk, long-term inflation-linked predictable cash flows, while striving for the opportunity to execute elegant exit strategies.
  2. Institutional investment fund models have evolved their mandates to reflect the assets they are looking to hold. Increasingly, institutional investors are looking for direct investments in underlying assets, allowing for better returns, lower fees, and better control of their investments. These models have further evolved to offer additional exit strategy options and GAIA intends to entrench this on the rest of the continent.
  3. We believe that listed infrastructure assets offer a sound anchor and entry point into this asset class in a cost-effective, transparent way. Various infrastructure assets can be pooled into a diversified, income-generating, low-fee and transparent listed vehicle. Our network uniquely positions us to drive this.